About us

About Us

The company started as a Proprietorship Firm on 15th August 1990, later converted into a Partnership Firm after few years of its existence and finally in its current avatar as a Private Limited Company on 16 th July 2004. During our more than three decades of existence, we have worked with many esteemed clients which include Central Government Departments, State Government Departments, Public Sector Enterprises, Architects, Indian/International Consultants and Designers, Highway, Railway & Infrastructure companies, Engineering Colleges/Institutes, Builders/Contractors and other clients from various Industries as well. We have three Hi-Tech Laboratories in Lucknow besides our Business Development Branch in Noida.

Many of our professionals are respected geotechnical experts who are actively involved with national and international committees & societies, which enable us to bring the most recent insights and developments in Geotechnical Engineering practices for our Clients' projects.

We are providing consultancy services in the fields of Geotech Investigation in soil and rock, Field Tests including Plate Load Test, Modulus of sub-grade reaction, In-situ California Bearing Ratio Test & Pile Load Test, Material Tests comprising testing of Aggregate, Fly ash, Brick, Cement, Concrete Admixture, Bitumen & Steel, Topography Survey by Total Station/GPS/DGPS, Electrical Resistivity, Concrete Mix Proportioning, Job Mix Formula, Benkelman Beam Deflection Survey, Axle Load Survey & TRL Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test, Non-Destructive Testing like Compressive Strength Test of Concrete by Rebound Hammer, Pile Integrity and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test. One can glance more of these in our Services head.

We strongly believe that it is our ethical responsibility to exercise paramount Safety, Health and Economy in everything we design, consult and manage because it is our liability towards our clients & society we live in. However, our efforts reach far beyond these basic principles, always striving to do more and more for our clients. Understanding each client’s individual Targets, Background, Culture and Demands. It is crucial for us to achieve excellence in engineering. Effectively investigating, assessing, evaluating and monitoring the suitability, risks and properties of site ground conditions for any project, that are an essential part of successful delivery.