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Classified Traffic Volume Count
  • This survey is conducted to understand the traffic characteristics in term of average daily traffic, traffic composition, peak hour traffic and directional split at individual survey locations. This survey is carried out result for many types of Highways projects to understand the variety of vehicles that passes over 24 hours a day.
Origin & Destination Survey
  • When a new road is being planned, or extensive improvements are to be carried out to an existing road, or a bypass is under consideration, the amount of traffic likely to sue it cannot be ascertained from a simple census and it may become necessary to collect information about the origin and destination of traffic passing through the main area in which the road is situated. The origin-destination survey is normally conducted for three consecutive days, on sample basis, if possible during a representative week in the year and must encompass the weekly market day and one working day. For exceptional cases, in heavy density corridors and where the daily variation in the traffic is not much, at least one day survey may be conducted on a normal working day. Care shall be taken during interpretation of the data keeping in mind the seasonal variation of traffic.
Speed & Delay Survey
  • Highway improvements result in speeding up traffic and reducing jamming. Speed and delay studies on the existing facility provide the basis for estimating the causative problems and benefits of the improved facility. The study is conveniently conducted by the "Moving Observer" method.
Intersection Turning Movement Survey
  • Objective of intersection Turing movement survey is to assess the traffic flow and delay characteristics on individual arms at the intersection. Data collected from these surveys is used for preparation of geometric improvement plans for critical intersection under the immediate improvement plan and short term measure.
Axle Load Survey
  • Axle load survey is needed to generate data for pavement design. Portable weigh bridges are very useful for this purpose. This survey shall be carried out along with classified volume count survey. Number of days of survey will depend on project location, the type of project and the intensity and expected variation in traffic.